Fees, Terms & Conditions

We offer

  • Free part time and full time places for children aged 3+ years. (subject to Local Authority criteria).
  • Free part time places for qualifying two year olds.
  • Fee Paying places for children from birth to 3 years – fees are due
  • Breakfast, After School and Holiday Provision for children all year round or term time only – fees payable
  • ‘Top up’ provision for children entitled to part time free provision - fees are due


Our opening hours are 8.00 – 6.00 each day, except during holiday times when opening hours are 9.00- 5.00. Fees are payable during holiday times for parents who have All Year Round provision, however meals are not charged for.The nursery closes for 2 weeks over Christmas and for the last 2 weeks of August. There are 5 closure days and 3 early closures during the year for staff training. These will be notified in advance.


Daily Fees (from September 1st 2018)



Under 2’s        8.45 – 3.00          Weekly Full Time Discounted Rate             £155.00

 Daily Rate                                                   £36.00

                                                                            Includes Food


2 – 3 years      8.45 – 3.00          Weekly Full Time Discounted Rate             £145.00

                                                     Daily Rate                                                   £34.00

                                                                              Lunch £2.10 per day




8.00 – 8.45      5 sessions           Weekly Full Time Discounted Rate             £21.00                                                                                                        

                                                    Daily Rate                                                   £6.00

                                                              Includes breakfast


3.00 – 6.00      5 sessions        Weekly Full Time Discounted Rate                £75.00                                                                                                  

                                                 Daily Rate                                                      £18.00

                                                          Includes a light tea



 Part time place (15 hours, beginning or end of week) to a

full time place                                                                                                 £85.00


Wednesday afternoon 1.45-3.00 (top up of 30 hours)                                   £7.00


Half day Wednesday (Morning or afternoon)                                                 £17.00


Lunch                                                                                                             £2.10 a day


Occasional session (Subject to availability)

Day (8.45-3.00)                                                                                              £34.00


Morning or afternoon (half day session)                                                        £17.00

Lunch                                                                                                             £2.10



Terms and Conditions 


We use Parent Pay, an online payment process for ALL payments. Visit www.parentpay.com for more details. As part of our induction process we will give you more information about how this works.



School Meals (except under 2’s)        £2.10 a day / £10.50 a week to be paid on the first day of the week your child attends. We are unable to accept cash payments for school meals.


The cost of meals is included in the fees for Under 2’s.

One week’s dinner money is due in advance on the first day of the week that the child attends.

Failure to pay by Friday may result in the child being unable to have a school meal from the beginning of their next week. Parents will then be asked to bring a packed lunch for their child. For lunch to be ordered you should arrive by 9.30 unless you have phoned in advance.

Although we prefer children to have a hot meal, parents may opt to provide their own (cold) food for their child’s lunch. We are not able to refrigerate or heat food brought in from home.

Three year olds accessing free Nursery provision may be entitled to a free school meal, subject to city criteria. There is an electronic Entitlement Checking System (ECS) which we ask parents to use. (See admission pack for details)



All Fee Paying provision and Extended Provision places must be booked in advance and secured immediately with a deposit equal to 2 weeks fees once a place is confirmedAll places are offered subject to availability.

 A list of current charges is always available on request.

Working parents may be eligible for tax free childcare www.childcarechildcarechoices.gov.uk 



Please note, if you buy full time provision, either 5 days (8.45 – 3.00,) or 5 days extended provision (8.00 – 8.45 or 3.00 – 6.00), your fees are already discounted and therefore no further discounts will be made for days when the nursery is closed. This includes training days, bank holidays, one day emergency closures (including snow) and non-attendance for any reason, including booked holidays during term time. If the nursery is closed for more than one day due to emergency closure your account will credited for the extra days.

If you pay a daily rate an adjustment will be made for unavoidable closures such as snow, training days and bank holidays. Adjustments are not made for children taking holidays, attending medical appointments or who are absent due to illness or for any other reason.

Fee Paying and Extended Provision Places are run as a business and are not funded by the Local Authority. Nursery Managers have to ensure that fees are paid promptly and in full, as it is this money which pays salaries of staff and all other costs.


Extended Provision (Add On)

Regular use of Extended Provision is by prior arrangement with the Day Care Manager. It is necessary to book your days and a change of provision must be notified 20 working days in advance in writing (subject to availability).

For parents buying an additional 15 hours to make a Full time place the funded hours are at the start of the week (All day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday morning)

Some casual use may be possible. This is by arrangement with the Day Care Manager, and full payment must be made in advance.

Once a casual arrangement is agreed verbally with the Day Care Manager, that day must be paid for regardless of attendance.


Holiday Provision

Parents of term time only children wishing to use holiday provision must enquire about availability with the Day Care Manager, and complete a booking slip in advance. A deposit of a week’s fees is due with the booking. Parents must pay in full for provision they book regardless of whether or not they use it.

The nursery is open from 9.00 – 5.00 during the holidays subject to annual closures. Although a shorter day, the daily rate remains the same to reflct the staffing ratio required.



ALL deposits are returned only after all charges have been cleared when your child leaves nursery.

For all provision (except EEE funded places), a minimum deposit of two week’s fees is required in order to secure any place. The deposit is returnable to parents who use the place for at least 2 weeks, once all charges have been cleared at the end of a child’s attendance at the nursery.


Externally funded day care (e.g. for students or via the job centre) can only be confirmed by the Nursery, once the funding has been agreed in writing by the funding provider. Parents who want their child to start Nursery/Day Care prior to this written agreement being in place must fund the place themselves, including the deposit.

Once external funding ceases the parent becomes liable for full fees. It is therefore important to remember to give 20 working days notice in writing. This notice period is chargeable, even if your child leaves nursery before this period ends. Please note, any remaining deposit will only be refunded once the notice period is finished.


Settling in fees

For both Fee Paying places and Extended Provision all children are settled in gradually and our charges reflect this. Usually no payment is due until the third day, as the child will attend only for a short time on the first two days.


Payment Of Fees

Payment of the whole week’s fees is due in advance on the first day that the child attends each week, no later than 12.00 noon. Payment must be made via Parent Pay. If you have a query around payments of fees speak to one of the Administration Team or the Day Care Manager.

Parents can pay up to £1000 in advance and are encouraged to keep their accounts in credit.


Late Payments

If fees are not paid on the due day (ie the first day the child attends of that week) by 12 noon, a £5 daily surcharge will come into immediate effect. Late payers will incur this daily charge for every day their fees remain unpaid.

Parents who have not paid their fees and their fines by the Friday, or the last day of the week the child attends, may lose their Nursery place with immediate effect.

Payments can still be made online if a child is absent or on holiday.


Notice To Leave

For all children (funded, paid or extended provision) we require at least 20 working days within term time notice in writing for a change of days or to leave. Please note hoidays do not count as working days unless your child accesses holiday provision.

Fees will be incurred for four weeks from the day that notice is given, regardless of attendance.

All externally funded places cease when the funding ends, but parents must still give notice in writing as above to avoid incurring further childcare costs.



All children should be collected on time at the end of their booked session by a person known to the nursery.

For children collected late from Daily sessions (8.45 – 3.00)   the ‘Add On’ rate of £18 will apply.

For children who are collected after 6.00pm a late collection fee of £1 per minute will be charged.

This fee is due by 12 noon the following day, to avoid further late payment fees of £5 per day.



WE ACTIVELY PURSUE ALL DEBTS, through an external Debt Collection Agency.



 Payment is via Parent Pay (except School Fund)


School fund should be paid at school and placed in an envelope in the posting boxes. 

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