Fees, Terms & Conditions

We offer

  • Free part time and full time places for children aged 3+ years. (subject to Local Authority criteria).
  • Free part time places for qualifying two year olds.
  • Fee Paying places for children from birth to 3 years – fees are due
  • Breakfast, After School and Holiday Provision for children all year round or term time only – fees payable
  • ‘Top up’ provision for children entitled to part time free provision - fees are due

Our opening hours are 8.00 – 6.00 each day, except during holiday times when opening hours are 9.00- 5.00. Fees are payable during holiday times for parents who have All Year Round provision, however meals are not charged for.

The nursery closes for 2 weeks over Christmas and for the last 2 weeks of August. There are 5 closure days and 3 early closures during the year for staff training. These will be notified in advance.

This document shows all of our Fees, Terms and Conditions:

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