Healthy Eating


The Nursery has a Healthy Eating Policy, and all food provided is healthy, and freshly prepared by our cook. We work closely with Coombs, our catering providers, who ensure our food meets nutritional standards. Vegetarian and Halal options are available.

Special diets can be accommodated on medical grounds only. A request form must be completed before this can be provided.

Please do not bring your own food to Nursery, unless you are providing a packed lunch for your child. If this is the case please avoid bringing in any food that contains nuts as we often have children in Nursery who have food allergies.

If you opt for a packed lunch please provide COLD food for your child. We are not able to refrigerate or heat food brought in from home.Staff will be happy to provide advice about ‘a healthy lunch box’ should parents need ideas. It is not necessary for parents to provide drinks for their child, as we provide milk and tap water for all children. British tap water is of a very high quality and safe to drink, and Birmingham tap water is some of the most palatable in the UK.


Below you will find our current menu options:

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