St Thomas Centre Nursery School is a Birmingham Local Authority Maintained Nursery School offering high quality early education to young children. We are an inclusive, child-centred nursery offering places to 2, 3 and 4 year olds, fee paying or free depending on individual family situations.

- We are an Outstanding Nursery School - OFSTED 2017  that provides a rich, fulfilling and inspirational learning experience for all of our children.  Our vision is one of 'Happy, Healthy Children Playing and Learning Together'.

- We are part of the Birmingham Federation of Maintained Nursery School which is made up of nine nursery schools in south and central Birmingham who share the goal of providing what is best for every child.

- Our staff team includes specialist Early Years teachers, experienced teaching assistants and an artist in residence.

- Our school recognises and values what each child brings to the nursery and we encourage parents to take an active interest in what we do at school. We are enormously proud of the multi-cultural nature of our school and our staff are committed to promoting community cohesion. We value and include all children equally and encourage them to show respect towards each other and their environment.


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How your child learns
Our Nursery School is a child-centred nursery, which means that children spend much of their day engaged in self-directed learning. The majority of the day is free-flow, meaning children choose to engage in a range of different activities, indoors and outdoors. Children can work independently or with their friends, as well as taking part in adult facilitated activities that are planned from children's interests and developmental needs.

We believe that at this young age children learn best through a play-based curriculum, with support from our experienced staff team who engage with children in their play to support social interaction, language development and further learning opportunities.

We work flexibly and design each day to meet the changing needs of the children.

Key person
Your child will have a key person or sometimes two, their group leader who they can bond with. This relationship is important to the child as they can build trust and understanding with each other. Settling in can be made easier if there are regular routines and familiar faces.

The nursery school day
We have the same routine most days so that the children can feel secure with what is happening around them. Group times are where they can be comfortable talking to and learning about the other children. This is also where a great deal of planned teaching and learning takes place.

The learning environment
Our nursery environment consists of a large open plan work area and a well-equipped outside play area where the staff and children all work together. There is also space for quiet, calm and nurturing activities. At most times, the children can choose to be inside or outside throughout the day.

A great deal of the play materials available for the children to learn from are what we call 'open ended'. These are materials that have no designated purpose, therefore the child can use them however they imagine. This method of teaching and learning is a great experience for children as they can make their own decisions, choices and design their own way to play.

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