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๐Ÿ”ด This webinar could be useful to you and your family: Sensory Tots: An Introduction to the Senses


This week is World Autism Awareness Week so we will be highlighting some useful information, stories and resources for you all to look at.


This website gives you a quick overview of Special Educational Needs as a starting point, before going on to suggest some really useful activities that you can incorporate into your children's day.

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These ideas may be useful in supporting your child’s specific learning needs while working from home.

You know what your child likes and enjoys. This is a great place to start and any developments, if needed, can be made from here.

For example, if sensory play - bubbles, dough, shaving foam is something your child is interested in, provide this kind of experience for them. 

The learning that comes from this type of experience is so important:

-  Talk about the materials and actions that are taking place - language and communication.

-  Your child will learn about material properties and if they like something or not.

-  These actions support muscle development and fine motor skill - physical learning.


Some useful links:




This kind of play can be done on the floor in a tray, or on a table in a mixing bowl or washing up tub. In warmer months an empty paddling pool in the garden is also good. It can get messy but it is definitely worth it. 


Some Ideas

Flour – First let your child explore the powder. This may have a smell or texture.  Mix small amounts of water with any flour – watch how it changes and starts to feel different. Your child might need support and encouragement so if you take part they are likely to copy your actions.

Rice or Pasta – Have a range of bowls and plastic bottles with lids available so your child can explore moving the materials around, the feel, weight and sound it makes. Partially fill some plastic bottles and put the lids on so they can be used as shakers or touchy-feely objects. Another great thing to do is cook some spaghetti and let it cool so your child can investigate it in a wide range of ways.

Shaving Foam – Use some cheap shaving foam to explore with your child. This appears messy but cleans off really easily and doesn’t stain anything. Try to get the foam for sensitive skin as it is less perfumed and be careful of getting it into eyes. 

Encourage your child to use their fingers to make marks, draw or write. Use the flat part of the hand to wipe the mixture. Use tools like a plastic fork, comb or toy car to make new marks. 

Lining Things Up – Some children love to organize objects! If you work on a table, a large piece of paper or blanket it provides a designated space to work. You can use anything you have lots of like cutlery, shoes, toy cars, leaves, etc.

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