At St Thomas Centre Nursery School we are introducing a personal on-line Learning Journal which records photos, observations and comments. In line with the Early Years Foundation Stage, this builds up a record of a child's learning experiences during their time at nursery.


We will be using Tapestry an on-line system, hosted in the UK, on secure servers. The benefit to parents from using Tapestry on-line means they will have secure access to their child's Learning Journal. In addition to viewing staff observations, parents are encouraged to add their own comments on observations made by key workers and are invited to share observations or key events that children have enjoyed at home . For example sharing photos of children reading their library books at home, sharing trips or places of interest they have visited, or celebrating a special occasion with family. 


Tapestry provides each child with their own Learning Journal held on-line. Parents and carers are given their own log-in using their email address and password. All our teachers are given a secure PIN and log-in. Key workers will record their observations and upload photographs and video media clips and will make links to the Early Years Foundation Stage. Once saved and completed all observations are approved by senior staff. An email is then automatically generated to inform parents that a new observation has been added. Parents can follow the link to view this observation by logging into their child's account and will be invited to share any comments of their own.

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