Birmingham City Council Policies

The Birmingham Federation of Maintained Nursery Schools have well over 100 policies that cover every aspect of school life.  As Maintained Nursery Schools, we follow Birmingham City Council policies and procedures.  Our policies guide the work for the Federation and each individual school. 

Overarching policies cover all schools in the Federation.  They can be found on this page. 

Each school is clustered into a smaller group of schools.  Cluster school polices can be found on the school’s policy page of their website.  There are a small group of policies which focus on the personal needs of an school individual site. 

All of the policies listed below have been adopted by the Birmingham Federation of Maintained Nursery Schools.

Accident, Incident and Near Miss Report Form
BCC Anti- Fraud and Corruption Policy
BCC Dismissal for Some Other Substantial Reason in Schools
BCC Recruitment and Selection Complaints Procedure
Birmingham Curriculum Statement
Code of Conduct School Staff (DfE Statutory Policy)
Complaints Policy (DfE Statutory Policy, EYFS Statutory Framework)
Critical Incident Management and Disaster Recovery Plan
Data Sharing Agreement
Dignity at Work Policy & Procedure
Disciplinary Procedures for School (DfE Statutory Policy)
Educational Visits Policy
Efficiency and Value for Money Statement
Emergency Procedures When A Child Is Not Collected
Equal Opportunities in Employment Policy (DfE Statutory Policy)
E-Safety Policy
Escalation policy (BSCB)
Fire Safety Policy and Arrangements (DfE Statutory Policy)
Flexible Working Procedure
Freedom of Information publication Scheme (DfE Statutory Policy)
Gifts, Hospitalities and Anti-Bribery Policy
Governor Allowances Policy (DfE Statutory Policy)
Governors code of Conduct
Health and Safety Policy (DfE Statutory Policy, EYFS Statutory Framework)
Informing Parents of LADO Referral
Leave of Absence Scheme
Lone Working Policy
Looked After Children Policy and Guidelines
Managing Attendance Procedures
Managing Attendance Toolkit
Object and Load Handling Risk assessment Form
Permission to Work Policy
Policy on Smoking in Schools
Position of Trust Policy and Procedures (DfE Statutory Policy)
Resolution and Escalation Policy (BSCB)
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy for Schools
Safer Recruitment Policy
School Record Keeping Guidance
Sun Protection Guidance
Teachers Capability Procedures/Policy
Teachers Pay and Conditions Policy
The Administration of Medicines in Schools and Settings
Visitors’ Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Questionnaire (PEEP)
Wellbeing Policy
Whistle blowing and Serious Misconduct Policy
Workload Policy For Schools
Moving and Handling Guidance
No Platform for Extremism Policy



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