Covid-19 Information

This is where you will find information about how school is running due to the COVID-19 virus. It will be updated regularly with all new developments from the government and local authority.


Most importantly this is how we need to be in school to keep everyone safe and healthy.



Drop off & Collection Routine- Nursery children should be brought to site by no more than 1 adult. Please arrive at your child's newly appointed drop off zone, we will inform you of this once your start date has been confirmed. Make sure you keep a 2 metre distance from other parents and carers at all times. Children will be taken into school by a member of staff one at a time.

Daily Timetable

Children of nursery age are not able to socially distance themselves from one another and it is essential for them to play together. The group sizes in which they mix have, however been greatly reduced and the environment has been heavily adapted to reduce risk. Stringent cleaning and hand-washing regimes are in place. Children are being encouraged to spend as much time outdoors as possible, in keeping with our ethos and COVID-19 government guidelines. Please ensure you have supported your child to apply a factor 50 sun-cream before arriving at nursery. Even on the most dull day the UV factor is often very high at this time of the year.

Clothing & Children’s Possessions

Where possible, please ensure that your child’s clothes are washed with a powder detergent at 60 degrees Celsius each day on return home from nursery. Please try to ensure that children do not bring any unnecessary toys or other possessions into school as this can increase the risk of infection spread. We appreciate this may be challenging when children have items that sooth transition, particularly when they may have been out of school for some time. Please discuss this with us if it proves to be difficult. Children should not wear face masks in school.


If children have any type of illness, they must not attend nursery. If a child complains of feeling unwell, for any reason, when they are in school, a parent or carer will be contacted and asked to collect them. The child will be kept separate from the other children and staff until they are collected. 
If a child complains of Covid-19 related symptom, they will be isolated from the other children and a parent or carer will be contacted to collect them. The child will only be permitted to return once a negative test result is confirmed or, if the test is positive, once the required quarantine period has been completed and the child is completely symptom free. Parents and carers of children in the group will be informed if another child or the designated member of staff is being tested for Covid-19.
If you, someone that you live with or someone that you have been in recent close contact with, has symptoms of COVID-19, you must not attend our site or allow your child to attend site until a negative test result has been obtained for the whole family. Please keep us informed of the reasons for all absence.

Keeping in Touch

Parents and carers of children in the group will be informed if another child or the designated member of staff is being tested for Covid-19.

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