Term Dates


The nursery school will be closed for an additional number of days for staff training. You will be notified well in advance of these closures.

You will be given your child's start dates and key worker information before you join school in September.

Autumn Term 2023

Term Starts: Monday 4 September 2023
Half Term: Monday 30 October 2023 to Friday 3 November 2023
Term Ends: Friday 22 December 2023

Spring Term 2024

Term Starts: Monday 8 January 2024
Half Term: Monday 12 February 2024 to Friday 16 February 2024
Term Ends: Friday 22 March 2024

Summer Term 2024

Term Starts: Monday 8 April 2024
Half Term: Monday 27 May 2024 to Friday 31 May 2024
Term Ends: Monday 22 July 2024

St Thomas Centre Nursery School

Bell Barn Road,

Lee Bank,


B15 2AF

Contact Information

Tel: 0121 464 0003

Email: enquiry@stcn.bham.sch.uk

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